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Thermography is a very common technique used as a tool on service of the predictive maintenance.

It consists of measuring and visualizing the surface temperatures with precision in the distance and without any contanct, through an infrared camera.

Physics allows to turn the infrared radiation mesures into temperature measures by measuring the radiation given out in the electromagnetic spectrum infrared portion converting these measures into electric signs.

These are captured by the infrared camera which turns them into a colour spectrum, each of which, according to a certain scale, means a different temperature, thus, the highest temperature measured appears in white.

Predictive maintenance applications:

Most of the breakdowns and problems in the industrial world, both mechanical and electrical are preceded by temperature changes. Every electromagnetic failure, before taking place, is become evident by generating heat, which allows to act from the very beginning avoiding the breakdown before it happens.

Temperature differences that can be detected by the …….. through the infrared thermovision which also allows to capture the situation of an element, machine, pump, motor, etc

La medición también sirve de patrón comparativo para futuras intervenciones o para comprobar la efectividad de la medida The thermographic images are used to:
  • Checking of the conditions of the motor windings, both AC/DC, generators, etc. and harmonic detection, induction, phases imbalance, lack of insulation, etc
  • Pumps checking, its turbines, coupling plates, bearings, windings, connections, etc.
  • Motoreductors checking and its gear assemblies.
  • Electric connections checking and motor terminals, pumps, machinery, etc.
  • Electric transformer checking.
  • Bearings running checking.
  • Transmission systems.
  • Friction detection because of bad alignment.
  • Lubricant checking.
  • Soldeing checking
Laser alignment

Axles desalignments are responsible of at least 50% of all the costs related to the stops and breakdowns in rotary machines.

Axles desalignments can increase the vibration levels and frition which make the risk of breakdowns increase and significantly the energy consumption of the machines.


We are experts in Motor Winding of both AC/DC of all trades with a high qualified staff and with a great experience.

We have at our disposal more than a 40 years experience and we have an important file of winding outlines and motor data.

We are an Official ABB, AEG, WEG and SCHORCH Service and we have original spare parts at our disposal.

The material and the processes taht we use in all of our repairs obbey all the quality rules according to the ISO Rules. The bearings that we putare SKF or FAG. We use in all of our repairs class F (115ºC) and class H (ºC) thermic insulation.

We have at our disposal a checking board specially designed by us with an IT support to determine vacuum test, features curves (nominal power, shortcircuit power, vacuum intensity, charge intensity, inductive powers, capacitives, outputs, etc.) which allow us to make diagnosis and computerized proofs and give the costumer a certificate of the proofs done, according to ISO rules.